In 2004, Aloha Bay began importing
sustainable salt products from
Pakistan working exclusively
with a small, family-owned company
in Mirpur, close to the Himalayan
foothills. With the owner and
manager, Tariq Khokhar, we planned
and built the first fair trade
factory. In Tariq’s factory,
employment is year-round which
guarantees consistent quality,
because the sculpting of the
salt lamps is a delicate procedure.
Tariq offers a premium price
for the ‘best salt’ to ensure
the mine can maintain employment
and wages. Over the years, a
relationship of trust and friendship
has developed between people
of very different cultures in
our small way contributing to
mutual understanding, tolerance
and cooperation in this world.
The Salt Health Trust International
was created focusing on improving
working conditions at the salt
mines and providing various
kinds of humanitarian aid.
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