Fair Food and Justice for Farm Workers

Social Justice In October and November, OCA and our network helped bring about an important victory for farm workers in Oregon and Washington, part of OCA’s ongoing campaign to eliminate labor exploitation and support workers’ rights in the $60 billion organic and natural foods sector. After months of intense organizing, including picket lines and leafleting in 35 states by OCA, UFW, and Teamsters outside Whole Foods Markets, the United Farm Workers (UFW) and Beef Northwest reached a precedent-setting agreement to recognize the UFW as the collective bargaining agent for feedlot workers at three BNW facilities.
The Organic Consumers Association, in conjunction with UFW and the Teamsters Union, have pledged to engage in an ongoing nationwide campaign to “green” the nation’s economy and to improve the wages, health, safety, and working conditions for the nation’s two million, mainly immigrant farmworkers, as well as several million more workers in the food, food transport, and food processing sectors.
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