The food movement is already an important part of the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together encampments nationwide, from the Food Not Bombs chapters feeding the occupiers with free organic food, to the activists naming Monsanto as one of the most notorious of the 1% corporate elite running the nation and trampling on our rights. Here’s some of the discussion taking place across the country at OWS sites:

"Robert Strype, 29, a protester from the Poughkeepsie, N.Y., area who was wearing a T-shirt that expressed his displeasure with Monsanto, said that anger about practices like factory farming and the genetic modification of vegetables was one of the factors that had roused him and some of his fellow occupiers. ‘Food plays a huge part in this movement,’ he said. ‘Because people are tired of being fed poison.’" – "Want to Get Fat on Wall Street? Try Protesting" – Jeff Gordinier, New York Times

"Nicole Rains, a senior in environmental science, expressed concerns with corporate influence in the university as well. She said she thinks companies like Monsanto have too much influence in the College of Agriculture.

‘I hope that maybe Iowa State University will look at where it gets its funding and offer options for students who have a moral and social conscience,’ Rains said." – "Occupy" protests reach Ames with "Occupy ISU"

"The creation of corporate welfare programs pad the coffers of companies already rich and powerful, companies like Wells Fargo, Monsanto, Maytag, and Iowa Beef Processors." – Ed Fallon’s ‘big smile’ mug shot

"Corporations have taken over everything," said Iowa City resident Brandon Ross. "You can’t even have small farming, as companies like Monsanto have copyrighted basic things that occur in nature." – "Occupy Iowa City Stands With Occupy Wall Street" – Ryan Kopf, Iowa City Owl

Nestle and Monsanto are some of the local businesses activist Camille Piazza thinks need to hear what the 99% want. – "Local 99% protestors get ready to ‘Occupy DeKalb’" – Aaron Wright, WREX Channel 13

Want to facilitate a Millions Against Monsanto teach-in at your local Occupy action? Here are a few good resources:

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