Occupied: Monsanto Shareholder Meeting


On Tuesday, January 28, anti-GMO activists and activist-stockholders occupied Monsanto’€™s annual shareholder’€™s meeting. Their goal? Push shareholders to pass a resolution to label foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

No surprise that the resolution failed. But this might surprise you. More than 4 percent of Monsanto’€™s shareholders, who collectively own more than $2 billion worth of Monsanto stock, voted to support the labeling resolution.

Meanwhile, protests outside the meeting, complete with fishy cars blocking the entrance to Monsanto’€™s campus, resulted in the arrests of 10 activists. The protests also caught the attention of CEO Hugh Grant (pictured), who responded by saying Monsanto needs to do ‘€œa better job of communicating’€ about GMOs.

Or maybe Monsanto needs to do a better job of, if not cleaning up its act, at least labeling its soil-destroying, genetically manipulated, pesticide- and herbicide-saturated crops?

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