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OCA and our allies continue to be slandered in the mass media, including recent hit pieces in the NY Times, CNN, and the Daily Beast, fueled by disinformation from front groups and PR firms working for Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, corporate agribusiness, and Big Biotech.

We will not surrender or back down. We intend to step up our truth-telling about the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19, and the mad science, degenerative food and farming, toxic pollution, medical malpractice, and indentured politics that have poisoned the body politic. 

We are under attack, not because we are purveyors of dangerous disinformation and hate, as our corporate adversaries and indentured politicians allege, but rather because, in the midst of an international health, economic, and political crisis, we are trying to expose the truth about the lab origins of this catastrophe, and explain how preventive and natural medicine and health, healthy organic food, natural supplements, low-cost generic drugs, strong immune systems, and a healthy environment are our best defenses against chronic disease and engineered pathogens. We are not anti-vaccine, but rather pro-vaccine safety. We are not purveyors of disinformation, but rather firm defenders of free speech, unobstructed scientific inquiry, and freedom of choice.

The good news is that we’ll never have a better opportunity for organic and regenerative transformation than we have right now. I know that there is a critical mass of people who appreciate what OCA has to say. There are millions who want to know the truth about food, health, and regeneration, both on the personal and the planetary level.

OCA’s fundraising, which depends upon small donors, has fallen by almost 25% over the last two years. We still have 300,000 loyal subscribers to Organic Bytes and two million social media supporters, but we know that the pandemic and lockdowns have taken a toll on many people’s finances.

But today we are asking you to make a sacrifice and donate to us. We need your support more than ever.

OCA’s top donor, Mercola.com, has pledged to match every dollar that you give us over the month of November. Our future efforts depend upon your support.

Please make a generous donation at this time, if you are able. Thank you for your support.

Venceremos/We Shall Overcome,

Ronnie Cummins

OCA Co-founder and International Director

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