OCA Presents Monsanto Minions Awards, Stages Anti-Lobbying Protest


Today’€™s the day. The OCA, with our friends at Occupy Monsanto, will deliver the first annual Monsanto Minions Awards.

But that’€™s only half the story. Remember Abbie Hoffman’€™s famous 1967 New York Stock Exchange theatrical protest? Where Hoffman and the Yippies threw cash out on the trading floor, prompting a Wall Street-style dash for cash?

Today, (October 10, 2013), our pro-GMO labeling, anti-Monsanto activists, posing as biotech and big food industry lobbyists, will stage a similar protest. They’€™ll dump briefcases of cash onto the X-ray machines at the entrances to the Congressional office buildings, where lobbyists are waiting to go through the metal detectors. We’€™re hoping the real corporate lobbyists will lunge for the fluttering bills, causing enough of a ruckus to shut down the entrance.

Lobbyists scurrying to grab dollar bills? It’€™s the perfect metaphor for what’€™s happening right now on Capitol Hill. Despite the government shutdown, lobbyists are meeting with the Congresspersons they supported financially during the elections in the hopes of convincing them – with cold hard cash, no doubt –  to create or protect federal laws designed to feather their own nests.

As for the Monsanto Minions Awards, according to your votes, we’€™re crowning Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) as your favorite Monsanto Minion.  You can see the rest of the results here. Thanks for voting, and let’€™s keep up the pressure on our favorite minions!

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