InaugurationThe OCA’s Washington DC office, led by Alexis Baden-Mayer, participated in the historic Inauguration of Barack Obama by organizing a roving band of dancing polar bears. OCA’s Polar Bears Against War & Melting Ice, amplified by a mobile disco, handed out 6,000 free commemorative postcards and calendars and incited celebratory crowds to dance in the streets. (Video, Photos, Free Downloads & Lyrics)
While OCA is relieved and happy to ride the wave of hope that’s sweeping the country, we’re also doing our best to make sure that the “change” Obama is offering in terms of public policy is amplified and galvanized by a massive grassroots Movement that can generate the “major changes” we need in these hard and frightening times.
On Inauguration Day we took a break from dancing in the streets to create a series of action alerts that you can use to contact President Obama, the Congress, and each member of the newly confirmed Cabinet. At confirmation hearings before the Senate, the new cabinet members outlined platforms for agriculture, health care, the economy, energy & global warming, the constitution & rule of law, environmental protection, labor rights, immigration, war & peace, and other important issues facing the nation. The Obama Administration and Congress are moving fast on many fronts with a stimulus package, more bailout money, and big changes to Bush-era policies.
Act quickly to let the decision makers know what you think.