Will we ever get back to normal?

The pandemic has challenged every fabric of modern society. It has also exposed some vulnerabilities in our society, and especially in our food system.

The old normal may feel familiar and comfortable but it’s not working. It’s built on a foundation of corporate control, toxic agribusinesses, corrupt power hierarchies, “food” that barely qualifies as food, poisoned environments and the loss of biodiversity.

Political powers and economic powers have already begun to co-opt the “we need to change” message to further their own ends. 

They seek to redefine “nature” and “agriculture” to suit a corporate vision that promotes greater industrialization, artificial intelligence and Big Data and puts technologies like genetic modification at the heart of “new green deals” and calls it sustainable.

Haven’t we all had enough of that?

For us, it has also brought clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. We are redoubling our efforts to build a new and better normal for everyone.

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