OCA and Vandana Shiva on the “Food Crisis”

April 1, 2023 | Ronnie Cummins

Organic Consumers Association

As my long-term India-based friend and political ally, Vandana Shiva points out, the 2022 global Food Crisis (the third in 15 years) is not primarily driven by food scarcity nor supply chain breakdowns. Tallying up global food inventories, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Bank, and the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES), all admit there is currently “no risk of global food supply shortages.” In reality there’s plenty of food for everyone, including the 840 million poverty-stricken people who will be going to bed hungry tonight. The wicked root of the crisis, as Vandana states, are those “sowing hunger and reaping profits.”

The diabolical architects of the food crisis are the international bankers, food and grain hoarders, and financial speculators, aided and abetted by the Poison Cartel—i.e. the global economic elite making “killer” profits from toxic food and (manipulated) rising food prices, destroying public health (much to the benefit of their Big Pharma allies) and exacerbating U.S. and global poverty.

Institutionalizing the criminal insanity of this degenerative “profit-at-any-cost” food, farming, and land use system are 80 years of indentured, corrupt politicians subsidizing chemical and GMO food and industrial agriculture, highly processed (highly profitable) synthetic food, and so-called “Free Trade,” systematically undermining the livelihoods of small farmers and ranchers, especially those utilizing traditional/organic/agroecological farming and animal husbandry practices.

Were it not for the greed and compulsive lust for power of out-of-control corporations such as Bayer/Monsanto, Cargill, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Nestle; trillion dollar investors like Black Rock and Vanguard; Big Pharma profiteers like Moderna and Pfizer, and would be global dictators like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, exploiting an engineered pandemic, fear-mongering, orchestrating a disastrous demolition of small business, farmers, and local/regional markets, there would be no food crisis, nor talk of a technocratic “Great Reset.”

The global elite’s recent attempts to engineer a “Great Reset” more closely resembles Orwell’s 1984 dystopian novel or the current Chinese Communist Party dictatorship rather than a “green economy” based upon constitutional rights, individual freedom, and participatory democracy.

Big Food, Big Data, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley (riddled with CIA and FBI agents) the Pentagon, and the CIA want us to believe that industrial agriculture, factory farms, genetic engineering, toxic chemicals, lab food, hi-tech weapons, biolabs, and engineered drugs and vaccines will feed, nurture, and protect us. They want us to forget that food is the best medicine. They want to convince us that we can thrive on GMOs and lab food and dispense with the world’s 500 million small farms, 70 billion farm animals, and three billion rural villagers/residents. They want us, especially the exploited and psychologically under-siege majorities of Russia, China, and the West, to continue to fight among ourselves, rather than join together and overthrow the tyrants who threaten our freedom and our survival.

But as Vandana, OCA, and our allies understand, what we need instead of the World Economic Forum’s technocratic dystopia is an Organic Reset: a regenerative food and farming revolution rooted in agroecology, food sovereignty, and Fair Trade/commerce, a participatory resistance and reset carried out by the global grassroots, North and South, farmers and consumers, urban and rural.

As Vandana writes: “Agroecology not only increases farmers’ incomes, but also increases nutrition and health while rejuvenating soil, water, and biodiversity… mitigating climate change and enhancing resilience. What we need are radically transformative strategies that recognize peoples’ needs, accord dignity, respect nature, put people above profits, resist corporate capture, and work collectively towards a fair and decent food system for all.

What we need is to create Local Food Systems, Biodistricts, and social and inclusive economy networks based on economic democracy, including educational programs and farmers’
markets to link local organic farmers with the community. Governments, and regional and international institutions, must support these constituencies’ pathways for transforming corporate food systems through agroecology and food sovereignty.”

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