Now Look Who’€™s Talking About Big Food and GMO Labeling!

A few weeks ago, OCA broke the news about a secret meeting in Washington D.C. between Walmart, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other food giants and representatives of the FDA. The article almost slipped quietly by. But then, it grew legs.
Grist’s Tom Laskaway was the first to pick up on it, in an article where he confirmed that the meeting took place, and filled in more detail. Then the New York Times fleshed out the story even further, reporting that nearly 20 major food companies attended the Jan. 11 meeting, and interviewing some of the key players involved. Michelle Simon, of Appetite for Profit followed with her analysis, which focused on the OCA’€™s cautionary note that, while it’€™s great to see the junk food conglomerates break with Monsanto et al, we should be very wary of any federal legislation written with input from the very industry that has been fighting tooth and nail against GMO labeling.
Have the junk food companies suddenly come over to our side? Are they hoping to write a federal, loophole-filled GMO labeling law? What will the FDA do? Stay tuned.

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