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Regenerating US Food Politics

Scaling up regenerative and organic food and farming will require not only consumer awareness, market demand, and farmer innovation, but also fundamental policy change, accompanied by a massive increase in public and private funding.

If we are going to reverse our catastrophic public health and environmental crises, and make family farm-scale agriculture economically viable again, we have no choice but to educate and mobilize.

We must step up the pressure on public officials to stop subsidizing bad food, which is low in nutrients and contains multiple contaminants and bad fats. We must force them to stop subsidizing degenerate farming and livestock management practices, which rely on the intensive use of toxic chemicals, fossil fuels, factory farms, and GMOs. 

Fortunately, there’s a way forward. We are fortunate to have policy experts such as Mackenzie Feldman, founder and executive director of Herbicide-Free Campus, and John Ikerd, author and professor emeritus of agricultural economics at the University of Missouri, speaking out on behalf of the Thrive Agenda (the latest incarnation of the Green New Deal) and our growing Regeneration Movement. 

Read: Farm Policy Agenda for Regenerative Farming, authored by Mackenzie Feldman and John Ikerd