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In March 2019, Iowa State Senator Ken Rozenboom helped pass the state’s “ag-gag” law making it a crime to conduct undercover investigations in factory farms.

In April 2019, Matt Johnson and others from Direct Action Everywhere, a Berkeley, Calif.-based animal welfare group, entered a barn near Oskaloosa, Iowa, owned by none other than the Senator and his brother.

What they saw—and recorded—inside that barn was enough to gag anyone, as Johnson explains in this video interview where he talks about animal welfare issues, and everything else that’s wrong with factory farms.

Rozenboom admitted the pigs in his barn were treated inhumanely (video footage doesn’t lie), but deflected blame. 

Then, the Senator turned around and told the Des Moines Register that the undercover investigation was a “professional hit job,” and that he and his brother will press charges—under that new ag-gag law, no doubt.

Undeterred, Johnson is speaking out. So much for being gagged.

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