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At What Cost?

Last week Tyson, one of the biggest Big Meat companies of them all (and a Big Donor to Trump’s 2016 campaign) took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to whine about how the global supply chain is “breaking.”

Trump responded immediately by ordering factory farm meat processing plants to stay open, even though massive food processing facilities like the meatpacking plants are overtaking nursing homes as the country’s worst COVID-19 disaster zones. 

The order came after the Trump administration had already waived regulations limiting meat-processing line speeds, making one of the most dangerous jobs, even more dangerous.

And it gets worse. Despite allowing Big Meat to speed up its already dangerously fast slaughterhouse line speeds, despite the growing number of COVID-19 deaths and illnesses at processing plants, the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of Labor issued “interim guidance” for meatpacking plants which essentially gives corporations a free pass if workers are injured.

Rather than invest in smaller processing plants to serve organic regenerative meat producers, it appears Trump will save his favorite cheap McDonald’s burgers—no matter who dies in the process.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress: No more COVID-19-contaminated factory farm slaughterhouses! Support local processing plants for organic pasture-based farmers and butchers.

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