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We Are Under Attack

Facebook, Silicon Valley, and Big Pharma, along with their partners in crime—Monsanto, out-of-control gene-engineers, the military-industrial-chemical complex, and corporate agribusiness—would love for OCA and our allies to disappear. 

They are tired of us exposing their greed, mad science, corporate crimes, criminal negligence, and the fact that they can literally get away with murder. 

Increasingly they are running scared, because they know that their GMOs and Warp Speed messenger RNA vaccines are under scrutiny. They can see that a potential critical mass of the global grassroots is waking up to the truth, and their greatest fear is materializing—that someday they will be brought to justice.

Big Tech and the Deep State may censor us and block our social media communications.  But we will never give up. We will never compromise in our search and struggle for truth, regeneration, health, participatory democracy, and justice.

But now we need your help, more than ever.

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