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Biofascism: Suspending Constitutional Rights

In the interview below, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Naomi Wolf, both long-time champions of progressive, human rights, and environmental causes, discuss how most of their liberal and progressive friends and former allies have become completely close-minded, fearful, and dogmatic about the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19. 

While Republicans (Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Cheney) routinely suppressed constitutional rights and waged war on anti-war and anti-racist activists and organizations in the 1960s-70s, and then rammed through the Patriot Act in the War on Terror panic mongering following 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks of 2001, now it is Democrats and liberals, allied with Silicon Valley, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and the globalist elite of the World Economic Forum, who are leading the charge toward authoritarianism. 

These liberals and progressives have slandered and defamed those of us as “conspiracy theorists,” who question the official story surrounding COVID-19 and the mounting collateral damage of lockdowns, school closures, and Warp Speed experimental drugs and gene therapy. 

Abandoning their traditional skepticism and opposition to Big Pharma, Big Data, Big Media, Big Science, the military industrial complex, government spying, billionaire tycoons, and corporate propaganda, most of America’s liberals and progressives have become 21st Century cheerleaders for media censorship, suspension of civil liberties, elimination of due process, freedom of assembly, travel restrictions, lockdowns, vaccine passports, and school and business closures. 

Meanwhile the billionaires and elite proponents of a Great Reset are consolidating their wealth and power by taking advantage of economic meltdown resulting from emergency decrees and dictates in the US and across the world. Naomi Wolf aptly describes this phenomenon, from Communist China to Main Street USA, as biofascism.

RFK and Naomi Wolf discuss how: 

• Arbitrary restrictions are being put in place by those abusing emergency powers at local, state and federal levels. 

•  In a free society, points are made and arguments won through free speech and open debate rather than censoring opinions that differ from ours. 

•  Authoritarianism has no place in medicine although most liberals are accepting edicts promoted by Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates. 

•  Direct-to-consumer advertising that started in 1997 marked the beginning of Pharma’s takeover of American media. 

•  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation neutralized once-independent media including The Guardian, NPR and public television through financial gifts. 

•  Democrats are leading the “biofascism” charge.

Watch the interview