Two years ago, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and Greenpeace
were successful in forcing the billion dollar natural foods supermarket
chain Trader Joe’s to declare that all of its brand name products (which
make up a full 80%+ of all the chain’s sales) would become GMO-free Although
the company’s website states that "all of the manufacturers of private
label food and beverage products for Trader Joe’s are making those products
without the use of genetically engineered ingredients," the OCA has
recently learned that the 200-store chain is still using milk in its private
label cheeses that is sourced from cows injected with rBGH, a genetically
engineered animal drug. In fact, many of the company’s cheeses are still
sourced from dairy operations where cows are regularly injected with rBGH.
The OCA and Sierra Club have provided Trader Joe’s with a list of rBGH-free
dairy suppliers from throughout the U.S. The company now needs to hear
from consumers that either Trader Joe’s truly goes GMO-free, or its customers
will shop elsewhere. Send a quick fax online today: /old_articles/tjs.cfm