In 2014, OCA, joined by Vandana Shiva, Andre Leu,, and other organic and natural health leaders, helped launch the next phase of organics, Organics 3.0., Organic and Regenerative Agriculture. Since then “Regeneration” has become the most important new topic and trend in the organic and natural food and farming sector.

More recently we have joined up with the Hudson Carbon Project, Regeneration International, and a group of organic certifiers, to launch what we believe will be the next “big thing” in organics. This global effort will be a campaign to move beyond current bogus carbon credit and carbon trading schemes, greenwashing, and corporate fraud to create a powerful grassroots Movement and MRV (measurement reporting and verification) certification mechanism to pay organic farmers and ranchers, not only a fair price for the food and products they produce, but also an ongoing bonus in the form of “Organic Eco-Credits.” Voluntary buyers and eventually corporate polluters will pay organic farmers, ranchers, and indigenous communities for sequestering excess atmospheric carbon in soils and above ground plants and trees, as well as providing other key environmental services such as preserving clean water, improving soil fertility, protecting biodiversity, wetlands, and wildlife habitat, and rehydrating and reforesting parched landscapes.

Please support the OCA as we fight to preserve and strengthen organic standards and move organic to the next stage, in which we, as part of a global Movement, will qualitatively scale up regenerative and organic food, farming, and land use.

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