beaver dam blocking a river in a forest

More Than 800 Tons of Agricultural Pesticides Leach Into World’s Rivers Each Year, Research Finds

July 13, 2023 | Source: EcoWatch | by Cristen Hemingway Jaynes

A new study led by researchers from The University of Sydney has found that agricultural pesticides leach into the world’s rivers and oceans each year at an alarming rate, damaging a variety of ecosystems.

Every year, agricultural operations around the world use more than three million tons of pesticides, but not a lot is known about precisely where these toxic chemicals go after they are applied to crops, a press release from The University of Sydney said.

The study looked at where 92 of the most frequently used agricultural pesticides travel after application and found that every year about 77,162 tons of potentially hazardous chemicals leach into aquifers. These pollutants have a damaging effect on freshwater resources and ecosystems.