More Good News: GMO Vaccines Aren’t Allowed in Organic – Yet


In November 2009, over the objection of thousands of organic consumers, the NOSB voted to recommend to the USDA that the National Organic Program allow all genetically modified vaccines to be used in organic without any review. Currently, genetically modified vaccines are the one exception to the exclusion of GMOs from organic, but each GMO vaccine must be petitioned for use individually and be reviewed by the NOSB, which may grant or deny the petition. At the Spring 2009 NOSB meeting, National Organic Program staff admitted that GMO vaccines were being widely used on organic animals, although none had been specifically allowed as required by law, and encouraged the NOSB to change the rule to reflect the status quo. The NOSB did so, but the National Organic Program is hesitant to implement the recommendation. NOP director Miles McEvoy said that he would seek a legal review of the proposal before proceeding.

There is still a chance to keep GMO out of organic! Take action now!