All of a sudden, a slew of Big Food and Big Ag corporations such as Bayer/Monsanto, Cargill, Walmart, General Mills, Danone, Unilever, and others in the  factory farm, genetic engineering, and synthetic biology industries are declaring that they are going regenerative in light of our growing public health, environmental, and climate crises. 

If you think that sounds suspicious, you’re correct. 

As Gandhi once reportedly said, our enemies—in our case agribusiness, factory farms, the GMO industry, and large food corporations—first ignore us, then ridicule us, then fight us, and finally, if they can’t defeat us, try to co-opt us and take over our movements, alternative practices, and economies.  

As proof of our growing success, Big Ag, Big Food, and the gene engineers have stepped up their efforts to degrade organic standards (hydroponic no-soil production and factory farming) and claim that tiny reforms in chemical and energy–intensive agriculture practices, so-called climate smart agriculture, or bogus hi-tech solutions such as “gene-editing” can solve all of our problems, while of course maintaining their basic business practices and profits.  

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