As we’ve pointed out for months, the reckless lab engineering or so-called gain-of-function experiments that gave rise to SARS-CoV-2 at Wuhan were conducted in a dangerously unregulated, accident-prone lab considered “dual-use” by U.S. and Chinese military officials. “Dual-use” refers to the lab engineering of microbes and pathogens, such as coronaviruses, which have both military and medical applications. 

For decades researchers have been trying to warn us against these biowar experiments, as this 2007 article on the OCA website points out, but unfortunately the genetically modified military madness with Big Pharma/biotech collaboration has continued.

Now there’s another kind of military pollution we have to worry about, PFAS or “Forever Chemicals” leaching from flame retardants, flame-resistant wiring, and other military equipment. These deadly chemicals are polluting millions of Americans’ drinking water, irrigation water, sewage sludge (applied on non-organic farms as fertilizer) and food. PFAS contamination is considered very dangerous even at parts per trillion. 

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