Reuters reports:

“A broad coalition of Mexican lawmakers is pushing to ban nearly 200 chemicals used in pesticides, saying they endanger human health, and the plan has alarmed farmers who say the move could devastate the country’s food production.

There is a growing movement in Mexico against the use of pesticides and genetically modified crops, but some in the government have said the latest proposal goes too far, too fast…

Supporters say the proposal puts Mexico at the heart of a global movement to restrict dangerous pesticides. Critics warn it would go well beyond steps taken in other countries seen as tough on pesticides such as in Europe, banning chemicals allowed in those places.

“There will be those who do not agree… But most of us are supporting our president’s project and we are going to win the vote,” MORENA Senator Ana Lilia Rivera, one of the lawmakers behind the initiative, told Reuters.

Asked about the proposal during a regular news conference on Wednesday, [Mexico President] Lopez Obrador said it was important to put health first…”

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