Max Lugavere Shares the New Science Behind Healthy Aging—Here’s What The Longevity Expert Wants You to Know

July 24, 2023 | Source: CAMILLE STYLES | by Isabelle Eyman

I’ve long been interested in the differences among generations. What we prioritize, the things that motivate us, and how we envision a healthy, productive life. Born in 1995, I’m a young millennial, but much of what defines Gen Z resonates. However, nuances aside, there’s a consistency between both generations that I’ve adopted with zest: the desire to live not only longer, but to find joy and pleasure throughout every stage of my life.

Of course, preserving our youth has long been an enigmatic search for people all over the world. It goes beyond anti-aging beauty and outward aesthetics. As a global culture that largely values the spirit and energy of youth above the wisdom of age, we’re conditioned to believe our twenties are the pinnacle of it all. Success, relationships, experience. But yikes—I’m 28, and the possibility that it doesn’t get better than this is a bit, well, depressing.

Thankfully, there’s a new movement oriented toward aging not only with grace but with pride and excitement for all there is to come—and all that we’ve learned along the way.