Please join us as we march from New York City to the White House in Washington, DC, and gather for events along the way to demonstrate support for labels on genetically engineered food.

– Walkers can join for the entire two weeks, a weekend or just a few hours.
– We will be walking at a steady pace for about 8 hours per day, with multiple rest stops.
– Bikes, rollerblades, skateboards and wheelchairs are welcome. You can also join the support caravan in a vehicle.
– Food and drinks will be provided at a small cost, now estimated at $5 – $10 per meal.
– People with vegan/raw food/gluten free dietary restrictions will have options (we will be traveling from one health food store or farmers’ market to another).
– Walkers will bring their own tents and sleeping bags, which will be carried by the support vehicles. Camping arrangements will be made ahead of time.
– All are welcome at the exciting events held along the way; stay tuned for announcements on presenters and musical acts.
– Campers will have a chance to bathe in the All-One Ark, the "Interblastive Foam Shower and Spa Experience!"

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