It was fun last year. It’€™s going to be even more fun this year.

On Saturday, May 24, millions of people around the world will March against Monsanto. And this year, we’€™ll have plenty to celebrate. The GMO labeling law in Vermont. The Monsanto Protection Act victory.

But we’€™ve still got a long way to go before we bring down Monsanto.

This year, the OCA is asking activists who march on May 24 to spread the word about the damage Monsanto and the rest of the pesticide-makers are doing to the honeybee and monarch populations, not to mention our food, our health and our planet. To help you out, we’€™ve created a free organizing packet for your March Against Monsanto event

Sign up below for your Millions Against Monsanto leaflets and stickers, Save the Bees leaflets and stickers, our truth-in-labeling petition and some wildflower seed packets with instructions for how to make seed bombs for some fun Guerilla Gardening action!

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Photo Credit: March Against Monsanto