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Wow! What a night! We held a COVID-19 Tribunal, a three-hour long epic live event featuring four inspiring panels of expert scientists, doctors, attorneys, authors, filmmakers and activists who shared their extraordinary expertise and insights, based on a collective 75,000 hours of research into the most important topic of our lifetime.

With all live events, hiccups are expected, but something happened that we couldn’t plan for. Just as we began an interview with Truth About COVID-19 coauthors Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins, our Rokfin livestream crashed, our channel disappeared and the site was disabled. 

Was the site pulled down by our 16,000 RSVPs all trying to join at once, or were we the victim of a cyber attack? Rokfin confirmed it was the latter, but they are bravely continuing to host us.

Luckily, those who had joined the broadcast early didn’t lose their connection and many used creative ways to connect their friends, sharing their screens in impromptu watch parties. Within the hour, Rokfin had fended off the attack and restored service. 

We were able to keep recording throughout and the full broadcast is now available on Rokfin, and for safe keeping, it is also on Odysee

If you were feeling alone in your concerns about the government’s response to the pandemic or the safety of the investigational new COVID-19 vaccines, once you watch this broadcast, you’ll realize you’re actually part of a vibrant and welcoming community of organic and natural health experts and advocates who are finding ways to improve public health, save lives and end the pandemic that don’t involve giving our power up to the pharmaceutical companies.

Watch the reply and join the movement.