A Little Help from their (57 Million) Friends


‘€œThrough our experience we have come to understand that the genetic engineering of food has never really been about public good, or feeding the hungry, or supporting our farmers. Nor is it about consumer choice. Instead it is about private, corporate control of the food system.’€ Letter from America

While here in the U.S. we’€™re making progress toward GMO labelling laws (and bans), our friends across the pond face an imminent-risk of invasion by U.S. biotech companies.

The U.S. Gene Giants, with help from U.S. government officials and proposed international trade deals, are pressuring the UK and other European countries to loosen restrictions on GMO crops.

And they may well succeed. Unless consumers, organic farmers, responsible retailers and clear-headed legislators’€”with a little help from their friends in the U.S.’€”stop them.

Here’€™s why. The EU coalition that for years has successfully blocked the planting of GM crops has broken up. As a result, in January 2015, the European Parliament likely will vote to allow Member States to make their own decisions on the planting of GM crops. If that happens, it’€™s could well mean that the UK government will hang out the ‘€œOpen for Business’€ sign for Roundup Ready crops.

A new group, Beyond GM, is leading the efforts in the UK to reignite the anti-GMO movement and pressure the government to hold the line against Monsanto. As part of their campaign, they’€™ve written a ‘€œLetter from America’€ detailing the many ways GMO crops have failed.

Groups (including OCA) and individuals, representing more than 57 million people, have already signed on. Please add your name to the millions of Americans who want people in the UK to know the truth about GMOs.

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