Letter to Alex Berenson on World Ivermectin Day

Today is World Ivermectin Day. What better time to revisit your position on this matter? This is your moment of opportunity, Alex. Thanks to Pierre’s gracious presentation of the compelling arguments in ivermectin’s favor, you can change your stance with dignity as a sign of your moral character and integrity.

April 1, 2023 | Source: Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass | by Margaret Anna Alice

I commend you for agreeing to a debate with Dr. Pierre Kory on ivermectin, Alex.

I know I’ve been hard on you about this, but it is because I expected better from you.

I expected you to objectively reconsider your position in light of the voluminous scientific evidence of ivermectin’s efficacy for treating COVID.

I expected you to evaluate the designed-to-fail studies with the same eye for corruption and fraud you apply to the injection studies.

I expected you to recognize that ivermectin is being targeted for smearing and censorship because it poses an existential threat to the injectable product.

How could you not realize the pharmaceutical corporations discredited ivermectin to obtain the EUAs that granted them immunity from lawsuits?

How could you not see that it was necessary for them to obliterate consideration of early treatment protocols so they could force us into their billion-dollar “solution”?