Let’s Up the Buzz to Protect the Bees!


Let’€™s Up the Buzz to Protect the Bees!

The OCA, along with Friends of the Earth, SumofUs.org and other protectors of the environment have called on Home Depot and Lowe’€™s to stop selling plants coated in neonicotinoids. Neonics, as they’€™re not-so-affectionately called, are a class of pesticides considered largely responsible for killing off the honeybee.

So far, neither Home Depot nor Lowe’€™s has responded to our petitions. So we’€™ve designated this week as ‘€œSwarm Home Depot and Lowe’€™s Week.’€ How can you help? By tapping the power of social media, of course.

Here’€™s what to do. First, visit Home Depot and Lowe’€™s on facebook and ask them to stop selling bee-killing pesticides and pre-poisoned bee-friendly plants.

Next take to twitter. Here are a couple of tweets for inspiration, but you can create your own messages, too.

@homedepot @lowes: 1 out of3 bites of food need #bees! Stop selling bee-killing pesticides! #BeeAction @foe_us www.beeaction.org

Buzz kill: @Home Depot @Lowes: stop selling bee-killing pesticides #BeeAction @foe_us: www.beeaction.org

And of course, sign the petition if you haven’€™t already. And forward it to a friend.

TAKE ACTION: Home Depot and Lowe’€™s: Stop Selling Bee-Killing Garden Plants!