June Organic Consumers Fund Launches Grassroots Netroots Alliance

GNAThe Organic Consumers Fund, the legally separate but allied legislative, advocacy, and lobbying group of the OCA, based in Washington, DC, focuses on promoting organic food and farming as a positive solution to the nation’s evermore serious public health, climate, energy, and economic development crisis. In an effort to create greater synergy and cooperation among the rainbow of hard-working but somewhat fragmented movements for health, justice, sustainability, peace, and democracy, the Organic Consumers Fund launched the Grassroots Netroots Alliance (GNA).
The first GNA project involved a massive nationwide survey of politicians to help voters determine which candidates truly support a wide variety of progressive issues, including organic and transition to organic food and farming.. Thousands of Organic Bytes readers used this online lobbying and political issues tool prior to voting in November. GNA will now continue its research and lobbying for positive, progressive change, with a special emphasis on “organic solutions and transitions” that can address and solve our societal crisis.
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