Jeffrey Sachs Criticizes US Militarism Only Because He’s Establishing a New Brand

It is critical to watch Jeffrey Sachs and teach yourself to detect the tricks. There are a lot of tricksters, and you need to be able to identify them if you want to navigate the dangerous shoals we are going through and make it to the other side.

April 1, 2023 | Source: Meryl’s COVID Newsletter | by Meryl Nass

I agree with my friends who are swooning after seeing this snake oil salesman on Democracy Now! It is extraordinary to hear someone telling the truth about US imperialism to millions of viewers.

The guy is smoothe. He speaks slowly and clearly with simple words and a most avuncular manner. He plays to the Democracy Now! crowd, with one softball after another lobbed at US foreign policy, militarism, neocons, nuclear war. Don’t forget that Amy Goodman also interviewed Peter Daszak in early 2020, inviting him to spin tales about ‘naturally occurring’ pandemics for her audience. Who picks her guests? Disclaimer: I was a guest 4 times in the early 2000s.