Is It True?


Pepsi is at it again, throwing money at campaigns designed to keep you in the dark about GMOs.

So far the Soda Giant has pumped $900,000 into Oregon’€™s NO on 92 Campaign. And a whopping $1.2 million into the NO on Prop 105 Coalition in Colorado.

Pepsi also belongs to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) which not only has contributed millions to defeat GMO labeling laws in California, Washington State, Oregon and Colorado, but which is behind a bill in Congress to preempt state GMO labeling laws, and has sued the state of Vermont to overturn a GMO labeling law passed there earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Pepsi is looking for more ways to sell its junk-drink products, by recently introducing a low-calorie drink, called Pepsi True.

Here’€™s what we know is true. Pepsi is willing to spend millions of dollars to defeat GMO labeling laws. How does the company fill up its anti-labeling war chest? With the profits it makes by selling allegedly consumer-friendly products like its new low-calorie Pepsi True, and its line of organic and natural brands, like Naked Juice, Tostitos, Tropicana, Tazo, Loóza, Izze, Sabra, Smartfood, Stacy’s, Mother’s and Near East.

Let’€™s keep the ‘€œTraitor’€ boycott alive and well!

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