It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over: Counting the Vote

Campaign Update

There’s still some confusion around the Prop 37 final vote count. Here’s the scoop.
On election night, the California Secretary of State announced that Prop 37 was defeated by 6 percentage points, 53% to 47%., with 3.3 million votes still uncounted. As with every election, not every ballot had been counted as of midnight Nov. 6.
The votes are still being counted. As of Nov. 13 at 5:24 PM, the official count was: Yes: 4,929,582 (47.2%) No: 5,508,063 (52.8%)
The OCA continues to monitor the vote counting process, and will contest the "official" results if the final vote tally differs substantially from pre-election poll results or election-night results. Meanwhile, we are soliciting testimonials from anyone who witnessed voting irregularities, particularly in Orange and San Mateo counties, where paperless ballot systems make voting more vulnerable to fraud.
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