Earlier this month, the Indian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture put out an extensive report on the cultivation of genetically modified food crops. The committee called for a halt on all GM crop field trials, as well as the labeling of all GM products. According to Basudep Acharya, a leading member of the committee, "The committee has come to the conclusion that since concerns on the potential and actual impacts of GM crops to our food, farming, health and environment are valid, GM crops are just not the right solution for our country." In a further slam to the Biotech lobby in India, Acharya went on to say that the government "should stop parroting the promotional lines of the biotechnology and seed industry and their cronies within the technocracy and stand by scientific reasoning and greater public good".

The report came a day after the Indian state of Maharashtra issued a ban on all Bt cotton seeds from Mahyco (Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company), co-owned by Monsanto. Four other Indian states have banned all GM plantings, including field trials.

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