How We Defeat the Agricultural Great Reset


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Russell Brand interviews environmental activist and author, Vandana Shiva. Dr. Shiva explains how the mainstream media have distorted the Dutch Farmer protests, claiming that shutting down small farms utilizing chemical fertilizers is the solution to the environmental and climate crisis. But the global elite, using the rhetoric of a Great Reset, and the strategy of “divide and rule,” are actually carrying out a 21st Century colonial land grab, driving small farmers and ranchers off the land, promising that pesticides, GMOs, lab food, and big data will make us healthy, happy and prosperous. The same elite (anti-nature, anti-people) who have forced a degenerative chemical-intensive factory farm model on farmers (through legislation, subsidies, and manipulating research and markets) are now blaming farmers for the problem. Conventional farmers are a victim of the system, not the cause, while organic and regenerative farmers, conscious consumers, and non-violent resistance are the solution.

We need to build a natural alliance between farmers, activists, and everyday people. “The billionaires have bought the mainstream and social media,” Shiva reminds us, and we must get out the truth and build a new global movement if we aim to overturn the authoritarian and dystopia rule of Bill Gates, Black Rock, Vanguard, Monsanto/Bayer, and the digital technologists.

An economy without people, without farmers. An economy where consumers have no choice over our food, health, and governance is the goal of the big corporations and the billionaires. As Vandana states, the elite are trying to “colonize our minds” make us forget our history, common values, and common sense. “Greenwash, social wash, justice wash,” we need to replace the false rhetoric and technocratic solutions of the global elite, the “pirates and thieves” of the WTO (World Trade Organization), the World Economic Forum, and the corrupt politicians, militarists, and indentured scientists of the Great Reset, who are twisting our ideals and aspirations to divide and control us. We must stand up, refuse to compromise, and build a new consciousness and Movement of Regeneration, which is truly green, organic, healthy, and equitable.

Watch the video: Vandana Shiva: “THIS Is How We Beat The Great Reset”