Message From OCA Sponsor:
How do you tell the REAL GREEN companies from the “WE.PROMISE.WE.ARE.GREEN.DON’T.READ.THE.LABELS.TOO.CLOSELY” companies?

Vermont Soap Vermont Soap has been making organic stuff that foams since 1992. Bar Soaps for sensitive skin, Bath and Shower GELs, Foaming Hand Soap, Liquid Castile Soap, Nontoxic Cleaners and Pet Shampoo.  All real – all certified organic.  Bulk gallons and pails are available for extra savings and less packaging. 
OCA MEMBERS RECEIVE 20% off and a FREE ORGANIC BAR SOAP FOR SENSITIVE SKIN with every order over $20 (excluding shipping). Simply type in  FREESOAP on the order form discount box (all caps no spaces). 
Offer ends 12/22/08

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