The incredible, edible egg. It’€™s been described as one of the most complete, and most versatile, foods ever.

But did you know that if you choose wisely, you can up the versatility quotient of that one, simple food so that it includes lowering your risk of food poisoning, relieving the suffering of intelligent animals, reducing air and water pollution and mitigating climate change?

How? By buying eggs that come from hens raised on pasture, not on factory farms.

When we think of factory farms, it’€™s meat that first comes to mind. But eggs’€”between 98 percent ‘€“ 99 percent of them’€”come from factory farms, too. And how they’€™re ‘€œproduced’€ is enough to turn your stomach.

Here’€™s why you should boycott eggs from factory farms, and how to find alternatives.

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