OCA - Breaking the ChainsHost
a "Breaking the Chains" House Party
During Earth Day Week (April 22-29)
Earth Day Week, OCA invites you to join organic consumers across North
America April 22-29 in Breaking the Chains by hosting an Earth
Day organic dinner. At hundreds of potlucks and dinners, OCA network
members, friends, and family will dine on organic food and drink,
watch a powerful and humorous 15 minute DVD called the "True
Cost of Food" (suitable for viewing for both children and adults),
and share ideas on how we can spread the movement to "Buy Local,
Organic, and Fair Made." For a donation of $25 (to cover expenses),
OCA will send you the "True Cost of Food" DVD, a
free set of conversation-stimulating Earth Dinner creativity cards
by Douglas Love, sample invitations to get people to attend your
Earth Day Dinner, and the OCA’s Breaking the Chains Action Guide,
with articles, ideas, and resources. Please click here to order your
Breaking the Chains House Party packet: /old_articles/btc.htm