Heartbreaking: Harmful Food Dyes in Valentine’s Day Candy

February 5, 2024 | Source: EWG | by Iris Myers

Heart-shaped candies, the ubiquitous Valentine’s Day sweet treats, may contain potentially problematic food dyes – likely at levels that are harmful to health.

Concerns about food dyes

Many brands and varieties of heart-shaped candy contain Yellow Dye No. 5, Yellow Dye No. 6 and Red Dye No. 40.

These synthetic dyes can all be found in Valentine’s Day sweets made by popular brands Frankford CandyBrach’sDisney and Jelly Belly.

Artificial dyes have been linked to an array of health harms. They can make children vulnerable to behavioral difficulties, including decreased attention, according to a 2021 study by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.