1) Good News of the Week:
Organic Advocate Appointed to High Level USDA Position

Ann Wright, a former Sustainable Agriculture Coalition advocate, was named Deputy Undersecretary last week. Among other things, Wright will oversee the Agricultural Marketing Service, which is the branch of the USDA that houses the National Organic Program, and she will be in charge of the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service which monitors genetically engineered crops.
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2) Organic Transition News of the Week:
U.S. Department of Energy’s Report Indicates the Era of Cheap Oil is Over

The U.S. Department of Energy’s annual International Energy Outlook report predicts a sharp drop in projected future world oil output (compared to previous expectations). For the first time, the well-respected Department of Energy appears to be joining with those experts who have long argued that the era of cheap and plentiful oil is drawing to a close…
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3) Tip of the Week:
How to Withdraw from the NAIS Database – A Step By Step Guide

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is a massive new government monitoring system that calls for registering and tracking every farm animal in the U.S., even if you have just a single cow or chicken. At this point, NAIS is still voluntary, but many people have already been put in the database without their permission. Here’s a quick guide to making sure your private information isn’t already stored in this Big Brother database:
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4) Food Safety News of the Week:
More Problems With BPA and How to Avoid It

Two new studies link BPA to heartbeat irregularities and fertility problems. BPA is a ubiquitous chemical used to make hard, clear plastics for food containers, dental sealants and liners for food and beverage cans. Due to the growing evidence of health problems associated with BPA, there are an increasing number of products now labeling themselves as not containing BPA. Look for such labels on children’s toys and reusable beverage bottles. In the realm of food safety, Eden Foods is one company leading the way in food can liners that do not contain BPA.
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5) Farm News of the Week:
For Dairy Farmers, the Depression is Here

"The price dairy farmers receive for milk has dropped by half since December, the largest single drop since the Great Depression. At present, farmers are being paid a price that is far below the cost of production. As a result, we stand to lose as many as half of the nation’s dairy producers by the end of the year…"
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