The NO on 37 campaign is leading the money-raising race, but we have plenty of heroes on our side ‘€“ including two groups and one individual that have contributed $1 million or more to the California Right to Know GMO labeling fight.

Topping the list of donors who support your right to know what’€™s in your food is Health Resources, the world’€™s leading natural health website. Mercola has donated $1.115 million. Also in the million-dollar donor club is Kent Whealy, co-Founder of Seed Savers Exchange, who has contributed one million dollars.

And of course, the Organic Consumers Fund has donated more than a million dollars ($1,020,000.00) so far, thanks to you and the 20,000 other organic consumers who have pitched in to keep the campaign on track.

In stark contrast to the NO campaign’€™s list of funders ‘€“ heavy hitters in the pesticide and junk food industries ‘€“ donations to the YES on 37 campaign have come from concerned individuals and natural health and organic food retailers, in addition to Mercola, the OCF, and Kent Whealy.

Among the many other companies that have donated so far to the YES on 37 campaign are Dr. Bronner’€™s, Lundberg Family Farms, Nature’€™s Path, Eden Foods, Organic Valley, Nutiva, Great Foods of America and others, including small natural health stores and food co-ops. Hats off to all these great companies ‘€“ they deserve our support!

See all the YES on 37 (and NO on 37) donors here.