Hasta La Victoria: Struggling and Campaigning Until We Win


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As Tessa Lena reminds us, we are involved in a long-term struggle. We must not only regenerate our food, farming, and land use practices, but our politics, and indeed our spirituality and daily life practices as well.

OCA can promise you that we will not give up our common struggle Hasta la Victoria, until victory. We intend to shut down the biolabs; drive GMOs, toxic pesticides, and chemicals off the market; expose unregulated and unlabeled gene-editing and synthetic biology as just another manifestation of reckless genetic engineering, and educate and mobilize the grassroots so we can build an organic and regenerative future where food as medicine, planting peace, and participatory democracy are the norm, not just the wished-for alternative.

But we need your help to carry on our crucial, indeed sacred, mission.

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