Pope Francis is making history today, September 24, 2015, by becoming the first Pope to address the U.S. Congress.

We assume—and we hope—he will use the opportunity to talk about climate change.

And many of us, including The Carbon Underground, OCA, and Regeneration International, hope Pope Francis will talk about dirt.

That’s right. Dirt. Soil. The stuff we walk on. The stuff we take for granted (at our own peril). The stuff we can’t live without.

The Carbon Underground created this short video, which airs today for the first time, in honor of the Pope’s visit to the U.S. The video explains the power of soil to bring us back from the brink of a climate disaster, if only we will let it.

Regeneration International today published an Open Letter to the Pope, signed by more than 70 faith-based, environmental, natural health, indigenous, justice, peace and climate groups, asking Pope Francis to “connect the dots” between world hunger, climate change and organic, regenerative agriculture.

Hallelujah. We’re finally talking about this.

Watch the video 

Read the Open Letter to the Pope