Great Reset
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Dr. Rob Verkerk, from the Alliance for Natural Health International, provides us with a comprehensive critique of the World Economic Forum’s controversial “Great Reset,” endorsed by Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Big Pharma, and much of the global elite. As Verkerk points out, the World Economic Forum’s exit strategy from Covid-19 may sound appealing to some at first glance, but is based upon false and dangerous assumptions:

“The power of [the Great Reset] vision is that along with the massive disruption it requires to take form, it also dangles enough carrots in front of us to make at least some of it seem appealing. Take, just for starters, solving three of the current biggest issues of our time: poverty, inequality and climate change. These are all close to the top of the priority list of anyone with a social and environmental conscience, whether left- or right-leaning…  [but] The Great Reset involves changes to almost every facet of our lives – how we work, how we get paid and pay for things, what kind of medicines we need, how we’re monitored, how we share information, how we travel… do you want to be surveilled 24/7, not just where you are, but – how you are? What about allowing others to control how you function or even think? Or are you happy for others to read your thoughts, all without you even knowing it? And how about signing up to a new social contract that requires you, for the sake of others, to share all sorts of things you once thought were safeguarded by an inalienable right to privacy?”

Watch the Rob Verkerk interview and read the video transcript