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Millions of organic food and natural health advocates and informed citizens have subscribed to the newsletter and tuned in to the videos of UK comedian and TV star Russell Brand—and for good reason. Most recently, Mercola and Brand have created a powerful piece titled “The Great Reset: Is Bill Gates Too Powerful?”

In the video, Brand points out that while Bill Gates is furiously buying up US farmland and promoting GMOs, patented seeds, and high-tech data farming, other billionaire proponents of the Great Reset, such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, are doing the same thing. Consequently, the top 100 landowners in the US now own 2% of the entire landmass. 

As Dr. Mercola writes, 

“Were Gates a proponent of organics, his land ownership would probably be seen as a good thing, but he’s anything but. On the contrary, not only is he a longtime proponent of GMOs and toxic agricultural chemicals, he’s also gone on record urging Western nations to switch to 100% synthetic lab-grown imitation beef, and has railed against legislative attempts to make sure fake meats are properly labeled, since that will slow down public acceptance.”

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