Michelle Perro writes for Regeneration Health International:

“Our children are consuming a daily dose of poison. Parents are unaware of the great harm befallen our most vulnerable. And for those parents who attempt to thwart the daily dose of poison, children consume it at school.

If you are awake and aware of the harm of glyphosate, the declared main ingredient in Roundup, now a household word thanks to the dissemination of toxic seeds by Monsanto-now-Bayer, skip on down to the “…So what do we do now?” section. If you need to be convinced, read on.

Monsanto’s product history includes DDT (think Rachel Carson and The Silent Spring), Agent Orange, GMOs, saccharin, PCBs, nuclear weapons, polystyrenes, aspartame, bovine growth hormone (rBGH), etc. Certainly healthy children did not make the Monsanto’s Who’s Who list.

Glyphosate facts:

•Nearly 1 lb of glyphosate for every person in the US is sprayed per year
•It’s water soluble, so our rain and groundwater are also contaminated
•It’s a patented antibiotic by Monsanto, killing off the beneficial microbes and promoting the growth of the pathogens
•It binds crucial biologically important metals, such as zinc, magnesium and manganese
•It’s used off-label as a crop desiccant (drying agent) which means at harvest, crops like oats, wheat and legumes take up whopping amounts of glyphosate
•Roundup-Ready crops are GMO and do not die when sprayed—that’s the only reason for the development of GMOs

•Once farmers get on the Monsanto/Bayer hamster wheel, it is difficult to get off

What you may not know is how the GMOs and their associated pesticides show up other than on the dinner plate. Gauze pads? Sanitary products? Infant formula? Yes, yes, and yes.”

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