Gene-Editing: The Hazards


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Jeffrey Smith writes:

“A speaker at a 1999 biotech conference revealed that his consulting company was helping Monsanto executives achieve their ideal future, where the company would genetically engineer and patent 100% of all commercial seeds in the world. Another speaker went so far as to predict that 95% natural seeds would be replaced as early as 2004.

Although GMO proponents portrayed their technology as safe, predictable, and even natural, experts and the public saw through the lies. Now half the world’s population appropriately believe that GMO foods are not safe for human health. And there’s plenty of science to back that up.

Concerns about GMO dangers derailed Monsanto’s timeline. The number of commercialized GMO food crops capped at about a dozen.

Gene editing threatens all that.

The GMO industry has ushered in their new methods of creating GMOs—gene editing—using the same rhetoric from decades earlier. They misrepresent the technology as safe, predictable, and natural.

Unfortunately, many governments fell prey to these lies and have institutionalized this fraud. The United States, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, India and others ‘deregulated’ gene editing. England, Canada, and possibly the EU are making moves to do the same.”

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