Consumers beware: the Frankenwines are coming. As with
other genetically engineered food, there will be no
labeling required on wines that, for the first time,
will contain gene-altered yeast. The FDA has carried
out no studies of its own on the experimental yeast,
and yet has approved it as "safe," based completely
on data provided by the company selling the product.
According to Dr. Joseph Cummins, emeritus genetics Professor
at the University of Western Ontario, wine yeasts are
unstable, and genetically altering them can lead to
unexpected toxicity in the final product. Genetically
engineered yeast is banned in every nation in the world,
other than in North America, so the use of the controversial
yeast by a few large domestic wineries will likely damage
the entire U.S. wine industry, as concerned wine consumers
move to avoid GE-tainted wines.
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