Covid has led to an unprecedented level of medical censorship. Long-standing norms have been erased by a cabal of political and corporate elites that now dictate how medicine may be practiced. Medical journals reject or retract peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts with conclusions that do not support prevailing health policies or pharmaceutical company interests. And physicians who don’t toe the line are persecuted by their employers, ridiculed by their peers, and denied access to popular media platforms. If this trend continues, physicians—along with the patients they serve and the nature of scientific discovery itself—will soon be completely and irrevocably subordinated to special interests.

On Saturday, we will join physicians in Ocala, FL, to determine a course of action that doctors can take together to fight this censorship and protect patients. The basis for this meeting is our shared commitment to the Global Covid Summit Declaration II, which lays out three policies that will define our response to the pandemic in the months ahead. After careful consideration, the FLCCC has elected to sign and support the declaration. We want to make clear why we came to this decision, as these tenets underscore the importance of pushing back against the use of government force to dictate medical policy and practice in America.