image parody


  • Automakers
    roughly doubled the fuel economy of cars between the 1970s and
    the late 1980s. In other words, the "know-how"
    has been here for a long time.
  • Over
    the past 20 years, automakers have used advancements in technology
    to add more than 800 pounds to the average vehicle and nearly
    double horsepower, while fuel economy has declined. Be smart
    about what you drive.
  • The
    grain required to fill a 25 gallon gas tank with ethanol would
    feed one person for a year. Every time you fill your tank, think
    about biking, walking, mass transit or just relaxing at home.
    Live simply so that others may live.
  • Next
    year, 30% of U.S. corn will be used for ethanol. Instead, the
    same amount of fuel could be saved by increasing average fuel
    efficiency by just three miles per gallon. Let your Representatives
    and Senators
    know that you support strong fuel efficiency standards and a
    wholesale conversion of U.S. transportation, utilities, and
    agriculture to renewable sources of energy..Take part in OCA’s
    Farm Bill alert below.